Ninety percent of these kids are not going to go out and become artists. They’ll be department store managers or corporate employees, not stars of television or movies. But we give them the secrets of how to function in whatever they do.
— Poplar Pike Playhouse & GHS-TV Founder E. Frank Bluestein

The Germantown High School students who run the Poplar Pike Playhouse are part of the school's renowned Production Workshop program. This unique class combines Creative and Performing Arts students on both the Theatre Arts and TV tracks. Production Workshop is a "real-world" education in its truest form, as students are responsible for every facet of operating a community theatre (Poplar Pike Playhouse) and a community television station (GHS-TV).

"The fun is in the work," "Those who work the hardest get to do the most," and "Check, double check, check again" are all mantras than can be repeated by our students past and present. Succeeding in Production Workshop requires hard work, initiative and commitment. Production Workshop offers students a non-traditional approach to learning. Since the style and substance of the class is radically different from most other classes students encounter, a meeting with one of our executive staff members is required prior to enrollment. Students who truly commit their efforts to the success of the program experience one of the most fulfilling educational experiences anywhere in the country. Regardless of a student's eventual career path, the skills and values they learn in this program will benefit them long after graduation: time management, teamwork, leadership, personal responsibility and the joy of a job well done.

This class is designed to provide a workshop setting for students who desire to learn advanced techniques and gain practical experience in all phases of theatre, TV production and forensic activities. This course requires extensive after-class hours and weekend hours and is strictly performance-oriented. An individual course of study is prepared for each student.